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Office carpets trap summer dust and allergens, how to plan carpet shampooing

Pollen, dust mites and other allergens are obvious carpet problems for some people. However ordinary summertime dust also affects office staff, computers and other equipment. Shampoo clears it up. Regular good carpet vacuuming, or sweep/mop hard floors will manage it if done on a reasonable schedule. If your facility does have carpets and mats, then… read more

How to screen Janitorial Contractors before getting quotes

When you are nearing the end of a Cleaning Contract (because of frustration with current cleaners), start thinking about next steps. • Plan how to interview potential cleaners • Check out their referrals and reputation • Learn  if they “fit” your type of business (eg. cleaning offices, vehicle dealerships, restaurants, industrial) The Pricing Quote is… read more

Do your people ask these 5 questions about janitorial services you're getting?

Keeping your offices and other parts of the facility professionally clean is not rocket-science; however it can be a challenge if you have the wrong crew. When the cleaning team is properly trained and supervised, it makes a big difference. If these points aren’t clearly managed, then you need to talk with the janitorial company…. read more

Tips To Keep Your Office Clean

Your own staff can provide valuable help in keeping your offices clean. Here’s a few ideas worth mentioning. If the cleaners can’t see the top of the desk: • Piles of Files: File important papers in the right place; • File, recycle or garbage the “interesting but useless” – old pens, old equipment manuals, old… read more

When in doubt, follow the system

Too often people think janitorial services are so routine that they can’t fail. That’s why smart customers and professional providers look to their system to ensure top quality areas for staff and customers. Customers What our priorities are: we know the high and low seasons, heavy traffic areas, and other custom requirements. These can include… read more

Cost of Dirt

Loss in sales – shinier floors improve people’s impression and probability of a sale Lighting – increasing the shine of a floor increases the overall lighting, and decreases the need for more lights Health – dirt on the floor gets into the air and into people’s lungs Cost of cleaning – each pound of dirt… read more