Holiday get togethers and gatherings with big groups of your loved ones and a little wine can all lead to unwanted spills and messes. with a little bit of preparation and foresight, you can be prepared to prevent and quickly tackle mishaps and messes. As an experienced commercial cleaning company Vancouver, Clean Image Janitorial knows the top tricks and secrets to spill-proofing your home and getting out the toughest stains.

Preventing Messes


Serve Wine in Stemless Glasses

Top heavy wine glasses can be both risky, and much too fragile for large groups of people. Stemless wine glasses with a wide base will provide sturdiness and minimal chance of being knocked over.

Serve wine or coloured drinks in sippy cups

There are special sippy cups resembling wine glasses that look like coffee tumblers and help to minimize the risk of spills, like this one. It can be a funny joke and allow guests to sip their wine in style without you worrying that your white couch will fall victim.

Have your party outside

If the weather allows it, and you have a large backyard or recreation room in your building, having your party outside of your home is the perfect compromise.

Provide coasters

Have plenty of coasters available for your guests to avoid rings from forming on your dining room and coffee tables.

Party-Proofing Your Home


Use plastic table cloths and slip covers

Spread plastic table cloths over your wooden dining room table to protect the wood from being damaged, and add a fun and exciting print to your decorations. Using slip covers over treasured furniture can also help to avoid mishaps, especially if children are present.

Have plenty of paper towels, napkins and rags on hand

In case of spills, have plenty of napkins and paper towels on hand and in stock for your guests. Having rags handy is also crucial to quickly tend to spills and prevent them from drying and becoming stains.

Temporarily remove expensive or white rugs and runners

Do you have a special white fur rug, or luxurious linens and runners in your living room? Get as many linens out of the way as possible that you fear could get ruined or stained.

Move breakables or precious belongings out of the way

Temporarily moving your most adored possessions into a safe room will keep them from getting damaged, broken or making a dangerous mess amongst your guests. Items like fragile glass accessories, centrepieces or heavy sculptures should be out of the way.

Clean image is a commercial cleaning company Vancouver that will ensure janitorial services of your home is taken care of, top to bottom. From preparing it for your holiday parties, birthdays and private gatherings, to cleaning up post-celebration, we will ensure a high quality clean and an acute attention to detail. Get in touch with us today!