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Medical & Dental

Saving lives requires a sterile, immaculately clean facility. Clean Image Janitorial can provide you with professional cleaning services that are up to the highest industry standard, providing you with the circumstances you need to save lives. This means transforming an environment into a space where there is no risk of exposure to infection, and protecting your patients, staff and guests through effective but non-toxic cleaning materials and equipment.

You can rest assured in the fact that we have extensive experience in this industry, know how to manage bio-hazardous waste and are confident in responsibly handling expensive medical equipment. Our staff is expertly trained in the best and most recent cleaning practices in the industry, and unfailingly follow the highest regulatory standards.

Commercial janitorial services require a thorough approach:

  • Professional training in equipment, cleaning chemicals, techniques and customer service
  • Full time employees bonded and insured to work in sensitive and valuable business environments
  • No contract workers
  • Supervision of all cleaning crews at all client’s offices
  • Green cleaning materials, eco-friendly solutions and environmentally sound practices
  • Prompt communication responses with answers and action
  • Seasonal services such as snow removal, mat cleaning, deep cleaning
  • Extra services like special events cleanup, disaster services, post-construction cleaning, floor restoration, concrete sealing

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