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Welcome To Clean Image Janitorial Services

Contracting a commercial cleaning company takes time to sort through the choices, reflect on your priorities and then go through the Inspection & Proposal process.

Clean Image Janitorial has been quietly and efficiently cleaning commercial offices, credit unions, retail locations and corporate offices companies for over 26 years and has further grown into a dynamic work place. Clean Image is constantly using unique innovations to further the success of the company in the janitorial industry. Our number one goal and priority is and has always been our clients. Establishing a good relationship with our customers is essential to our company.


From Chilliwack’s industrial parks to Vancouver’s bustling Granville Street, our clients get commercial janitorial services tailored to their specific business, operation, staffing and budgets. We know what people like because our average client stays with us for over 8 years.

Learn our special ideas for your facility, and discover value that makes business sense.


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All of the cleaning products we use are 100% environmentally and eco friendly

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It is essential to know that the cleanliness of a building is a reflection of their own commitment to quality
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About Us

Clean Image Janitorial Services Ltd., was established in 1989 from a foundation of excellence in customer service, janitorial labor work and business to business relationships
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