Once visitors see the outside of the building and the entrance, they will judge the interior as
soon as they walk in the door.
The following should always be completed:
  • Parkades and parking lots are litter free
  • Doors and windows are smudge-free
  • Carpets are clean
  • Floors are shiny
No dust is visible, especially when sunlight shines through. Whether it is once a week or six times a week janitorial maintenance is so important for any facility. Just like your home, it is important to have a clean and bacteria free environment not only for you, but for your customers and the longevity of your office building.
It is often a balancing between keeping the office clean for customers while managing a tight budget. Sales and Customer service departments want to see the cleanest possible facility because they know it builds loyalty with a business.
Dirty floors and dusty ledges can kill reputation in a company. The accounting department often has to reduce costs on variable services which can often result on cuts to services such as janitorial. However, this is just solving one problem and creating a bad environment for clients to walk through and employees to work in. That’s why your janitorial services company needs to be flexible. Not just cleaning but figuring out how often different areas get done and creating a customized schedule that is efficient and effective without breaking the bank. It all depends on what your business needs depending on appearance and budget.
Need more options? Talk to us at Clean Image Janitorial. It’s our business to make sure you get
the proper customized service, at a reasonable rate.