• Who messed up my desk?
  • Why is there never any toilet paper?
  • Are you comfortable with our visitors seeing the carpet looking like that?
  • Does anyone ever clean the reception area and boardroom?
  • Do we have cleaners?

Instead you should be hearing this:

  • Did we redecorate?
  • They said they were really impressed with the presentation and our offices
  • I think they do care about the staff
  • Our fridge always looks amazing

When people start asking questions about the cleanliness of your facilities, they’ve been noticing the problems for a while. If you pay for services you are not receiving, it’s time you found a reliable and professional cleaning service. Great cleaners are the ones who see the problems before the customer, clean them up, and maintain the standard for a long time. Our cleaning crew are long- term employees and go through vigorous training to ensure high standards. We have a systematic approach, by using checklists and apps to ensure thorough quality assurance.

Ask us your tough questions, we have the experience to show you the answers and the results your staff will agree with. Contact Clean Image Janitorial today!