The polish on a new car is important. However, so is the showroom floor, front entrance glass and chrome, service counters and lounge areas. Just like clean washrooms and tidy sales offices, your complete dealership needs to be professionally cleaned. Maintaining a dealership isn’t easy. When customers see a buildup of dust or streaks on windows, it’s nearly as bad as seeing it in their car. It makes them wonder if there are other problems. Make sure your dealership’s janitorial service is thorough and reliable so your potential customers only see the best. Throughout our 30 years of experience, we have found customers and staff of dealerships notice and emphasize the following:

  • Front entrances
  • Service counter
  • Waiting Area
  • Showroom floors
  • Bathrooms

We have found that attention to all these really impacts vehicle sales. Although dealerships are always concerned by the quality of the cleaning, other concerns include fees and supplies, reliability, response time and communication. We ensure all these areas are met and exceeded along with serving each client’s facility needs in mind. Here are 5 facts we’ve learned about dealership janitorial services:

  1. Service fluctuates by season

From muddy winters to bright sun illuminating all the smudges in the summer. Dealerships need flexibility, and service focus needs to change over the seasons as well.

  1. Shiny = increase in sales

Retailers and dealerships both profit from increased sales success when showroom floors are shinier. No shine = lost sales.

  1. Events require special services

Attracting large numbers of potential customers means things can get messy with food, beverages, furniture and decorations. Occasional extra service keeps everyone happy – before, during and after the event.

  1. Zones

Each zone needs its own special attention to detail. Showroom floors and windows, service department magazines and snacks, lounge furniture, spotless washrooms, and tidy sales offices. Call us when you need a quote that makes your dealership more competitive. You will receive a detailed Inspection and Proposal, with the important facts to help make a decision.