As we see the effect of climate change on our environment and the effects that nasty chemicals can have on humans, more businesses are moving towards eco friendly services, including janitorial services. This is a small move that can make a big difference to your organization and set an example to other businesses in your industry, while showing your customers and clients that you care about the environment.

If you would like to make this move, here are some areas you can look out for that will help you decide if the janitorial services that you are considering are eco friendly.

Cleaning Solutions

This is probably the number one way to identify eco friendly janitorial services. Many ‘traditional’ cleaning solutions are made from extremely harsh chemicals. This can be dangerous for the janitorial service employees, as well as the employees, customers and clients of the property being cleaned. Non-toxic, eco friendly solutions will provide a clean that is just as effective, without the risk. They are also less likely to damage furniture, floors, walls, countertops, and other items and areas that need to be cleaned.

New Equipment

Most modern cleaning equipment is manufactured in a way that allows it to perform more efficiently yet use less electricity. Older equipment, like ancient vacuum cleaners, are not efficient when it comes to using energy, as they need to be plugged in for longer and do not provide an effective clean. Eco friendly janitorial services will use new and efficient cleaning equipment that fits within their environmentally friendly mandate.

Positive Reviews

You can also find out if the janitorial service you are considering is eco friendly by checking out reviews. So many businesses across many industries in the Vancouver region are concerned about this and will be happy to share their positive experiences online regarding eco friendly janitorial services. These will help inform you if the janitorial service you are considering is the right one for you.

Just Ask!

Finally, you can also get in touch with the janitorial service that you are considering for your organization and ask them about their stance on using eco friendly cleaning products and equipment. They will be happy to provide you with as much information as you need regarding their janitorial services, along with showing you certification to corroborate this and providing you with a quote for your business.