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Shine, Attract & Maintain

The polish on a new vehicle can look dull if your showroom or service lounge has dirty furniture, out-of-place magazines, fingerprints smudges and dirt in corners. Maintaining a dealership isn’t easy. When customers see dust on the floor or windows that need cleaning, it’s nearly as bad as spotting it on a new vehicle.

Make sure your janitorial service is thorough and reliable. Make sure they look at your dealership property the way customers do. By eliminating potential problems before the doors open, you will get profitable results. Clean Image Janitorial Services has over 20 years experience in a variety of business premises, retail locations and professional facilities. When we meet with you, we will ask a series of questions to really understand your situation and what’s needed to meet your standards

If you’d like a competitive inspection and itemized quotation on the janitorial services for your dealership, talk to us. Our satisfied clients are very careful about their reception, showrooms, offices, washrooms, lots and desks being clean.


“Clean Image Janitorial understands what attention-to-detail is and they understand how to make my store shine”
Brian Barnes, General Manager, Barnes Harley-Davidson