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Bonnet clean: not as deep as a steam clean so it can be done in less time, but not as effective for really dirty carpets. Inexperienced people attempting bonnet cleaning can over-wet the carpet, which then can become discoloured from lower colour moving up into the carpet.

Disinfect: 99.999% of microbes are killed, requires more time than sanitizing. Requires a registered germicide.

HEPA filter:  High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter removes particles down to .3 microns, endorsed by the American Lung Association.

Sanitize: 99% of the time this is good enough, less time and expense compared to disinfecting

Steam-clean: the process forces detergent into the carpet. This breaks-up dirt that’s deep in a carpet; then the extractor removes the liquid and dirt.

These definitions are a service for people new to Janitorial & CleaningTerminology, and not mean as a final authority.



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